“Mobilizing people and resources to provide for firefighters and other emergency personnel in times of disaster or great need.”

firehouse-hens-logoSome people call us the “Firehouse Hens” since that’s a lot fewer syllables than “Eastern Washington Firefighter Support Network.” There are nineteen members of our group, ranging in age from young to kind of old, living in the following counties: Spokane, Stevens, Ferry, and Island.

The group came into being in August 2015, when the fires outnumbered the firefighters in our tri-county area. We saw a need, so we came together – strangers – to support the men and women risking their lives to keep us safe.

We set up drop points for folks who wanted to donate goods and we made certain that these goods were delivered directly to the fire camps. No middle man. No agencies. Just citizens doing what needed to be done.